[Solved] How to change Ratings/Reviews for Plugins on WordPress.org Repository ?

In some cases you may want to change your rating/review for a particular plugin on wordpress.org . The procedure is pretty simple and takes just a few seconds.

Just Replace the plugin slug (To the plugin you want to change rating for) in the url below and go to that link to change rating/review for that plugin:



* You need to replace `facebook-fan-page-widget` with your expected plugin slug in the url.

And That’s It, Go to the generated url and do whatever you want with your rating/review on wordpress plugins repository.


Well, Facebook is the most popular social media in todays world. Many Website owners like to display a Facebook Like box on their website. It helps to engage users on Facebook page and also get some more fans!

I’ll share a very simple way to add a Nice Facebook Like box which uses latest Facebook API (2.3) within less 1 minute!

  1. Follow the steps below to Add a Facebook Fan Page Widget on WordPress site:
  2. Download Facebook Fan Page Widget plugin from wordpress.org . Click here to download
  3. Install it on your wordpress site by logging in and navigating to Plugins -> Add New
  4. Click on upload and install the plugin from the file you just downloaded.
  5. Activate the plugin once installed.
  6. Now, Navigate to Appearance -> Widgets to add the widget on any widget area of your choice.
  7. Its Done here!!
  8. The plugin has a bonus feature as well, it comes with a shortcode which you can use anywhere of your site, on any page, post or even template file.
  9. Click here to go to Shortcode Generator.
  10. Copy the generated shortcode and put it on your site to display Facebook Fan Page Widget.
  11. Pretty simple….
  12. Please leave a comment here if you face any kind of difficulties while using the plugin.

Check out how you can use the shortcode on your Theme file

Envato Author Rates Percentage Table

This post is for envato authors who is looking for a list/table of envato payment percentage . Envato had a page like this before but a few days ago they changed it to a slider, which does not show exact amount of $. This is why I am going to put the schedule here for better understanding.

Here’s the payment percentage table for Exclusive Authors:

50% $0
51% $3,750
52% $7,500
53% $11,250
54% $15,000
55% $18,750
56% $22,500
57% $26,250
58% $30,000
59% $33,750
60% $37,500
61% $41,250
62% $45,000
63% $48,750
64% $52,500
65% $56,250
66% $60,000
67% $63,750
68% $67,500
69% $71,250
70% $75,000


Envato Payment Rates for Non-Exclusive Authors:

Envato Pays 36% of the item price to non-exclusive authors.

36% $0
36% $3,750
36% $7,500
36% $11,250
36% $15,000
36% $18,750
36% $22,500
36% $26,250
36% $30,000
36% $33,750
36% $37,500
36% $41,250
36% $45,000
36% $48,750
36% $52,500
36% $56,250
36% $60,000
36% $63,750
36% $67,500
36% $71,250
36% $75,000


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PDF viewer for WordPress

A Smarter way to Display pdf files on wordpress site!

Did you ever thought about Displaying pdf files of your wordpress site with a nice viewer like Adobe Reader ?
Its now very easily possible with PDF viewer for WordPress Plugin!

PDF Viewer for WordPress is a simple plugin Provides a nice interface to view pdf files on your site. Now you can embed pdf files with a nice viewer directly on any page/post of your wordpress website.  Also, It comes with another shortcode with that you can allow a particular pdf file open with viewer.

This is a great & useful plugin if you want to display pdf files of your site with a nice viewer like Acrobat reader. It comes with page navigation, Download, Print, Presentation mode & lot more cool tools.

It can be integrated with amazon s3 as well. Just send me an email & I’ll tell you the way to integrate.


  1. Automatically find pdf links & activate viewer if you choose that option.
  2. Embed pdf with a feature rich viewer on WordPress page/post
  3. Feature Rich Admin Panel & Shortcodes
  4. Share pdf on social networks
  5. Send link to friend via email
  6. Enable/Disable social sharing
  7. Enable/Disable Print Option
  8. Enable/Disable Download Option
  9. Enable/Disable Presentation mode
  10. Enable/Disable Find Option
  11. Enable/Disable Logo
  12. Enable/Disable Zoom
  13. Enable/Disable Page Navigation
  14. Enable/Disable auto linking of pdf links to viewer
  15. Brand viewer with you own logo
  16. Logo links to homepage of your site
  17. 2 Shortcodes with lots of parameters.
  18. Shortcode for viewing pdf file on any post/page
  19. Shortcode to add a text link to your pdf file on any post/page
  20. Fully Responsive PDF viewer
  21. Style & Customize all the single items.
  22. Compatible with Internet Explorer & most browsers
  23. Fast & smooth user experience
  24. It uses jQuery to replace url’s automatically which won’t effect on your Site’s SEO if you use the plugin on old site.

Fullwidth PDF viewer Demo:
PDF viewer For WordPress Preview


This plugin is very easy to use. Just install the plugin & configure options according to your needs. Please follow the link below for full documentation :

PDF viewer for WordPress Plugin Documentation


=== 1.3 (5 August 2014) === 

  • Fixed Automatic Linking issue

=== 1.2 (20 July 2014) === 

  • Fixed Logo Formatting
  • More Clear & Nice Admin Interface
  • Replaced split function so its compatible with php 5.3+
  • Added More Screenshots

=== 1.1 (7 July 2014) === 

  • Fixed Compatibility Issue with Safari Browser
  • Fixed Social Media Icon aligning
  • Fixed Responsive Issues

    === 1.0 (7 July 2014) ===

  • First Release


Popup.js =  http://docs.toddish.co.uk/popup/

Pdf.js = http://mozilla.github.io/pdf.js/

Live Demo

Any Comments or features requests are always welcome. Please feel free to let us know if you have any kind of questions or suggestions to improve PDF viewer for WordPress Plugin.

Change Excerpt Length in WordPress

This is a small but very useful tweak.

What is excerpt ??

It may be a very simple question for those who are expert in wordpress, but I wanna repeat the answer here for beginners . In one word, excerpt is the summary of Post content in wordpress. Excerpt is normally being used in archive pages.

Control Length Of Excerpt 

Sometimes you may need to cut the excerpt in a specific place. So, Here is the solution for this : Copy the codes below & paste it to your theme’s functions.php file.
add_filter('excerpt_length', 'my_excerpt_length');
function my_excerpt_length($len) { return 75; }


You can change  75 to any number & the excerpt will cut in that specified place.

Easily Move WordPress Site From one hosting to another (Same Domain)

This is a common need of all wordpress developers to move wordpress site from one hosting server to another. Again sometimes you need to change both domain & hosting. Like you have developed a site on your development server. Now after completion you need to set the site up on your client’s server & obviously with his/her domain.
However, Don’t worry anymore. I’ll try to cover the whole process as easily as possible here.

First of  all let’s change only hosting of a wordpress site. Suppose you’ve a site on hosting 1. Now you are moving the site from hosting 1 to hosting 2 but the domain is still same (mydomain.com). Its pretty simple. To do this, follow the next steps :

1) Login to hosting 1. Download full wordpress directory using file manager/ftp. Export the database using phpmyadmin or your database manager.

2) Login to hosting 2. Upload the files you have downloaded from hosting 1 using file manager/ftp. Import the database using phpmyadmin/Database manager . Its all you need to do. Now if you have already pointed the domain to new hosting server, you will see the site up & running on the new server.

So, Changing host is done. Now I am going to show a way to save time & internet usage (for them who has slow or limited internet)

If you have limited or slow internet connection & the new hosting server has 1 click installation service. Then you can follow the steps below :

1) Login to hosting 1. Download only wp-content directory using file manager/ftp. Export the database using phpmyadmin or your database manager.

2) Login to hosting 2. Install wordpress using 1 click installation software.Replace the wp-content folder with the one you have downloaded from hosting 1 using file manager/ftp.  Drop all the tables from existing Database & Import the Donloaded database using phpmyadmin/Database manager . Its all you need to do. Now if you have already pointed the domain to new hosting server, you will see the site up & running on the new server.

Okay, It’s all for today. I’ll write how to completely move wordpress sites from one host to another with different domain name.

Thanks For Reading..

Where To Find for Best WordPress Themes (Free & Premium)

There are a lot of websites where you may get WordPress themes. You can also get the links of the websites from where you can get the themes. But I wanna make it more easy for you to find wordpress themes. So, In this post I’ll give some links to popular websites where you can get best quality wordpress themes (Both free & premium). If you have link to any more site you think that has good themes, then please post the link in comment.

Here are some of the most popular Websites from where you can get good wordpress themes :

High Quality but Free WordPress Themes :

  1. WordPress Repository
  2. WpExplorer
  3. Joolu Free Themes
  4. Site 5 Themes
  5. WooThemes

High Quality Premium WordPress Themes

  1. Themeforest.net
  2. Studiopress.com
  3. WpExplorer
  4. Joolu Premium Themes
  5. Elegant Themes
  6. GraphPaperPress
  7. TemplateMonster
  8. Templatic
  9. PremiumPress
  10. Mojo Themes

It’s all for today..
Please leave a comment if you like it.
Thank You & Good Night…

Get a premium theme from themeforest ,plugin from codecanyon for absolutely free every month

Today I am going to share a small news with you. Many of you may already know about this. But I am writing this here for those who doesn’t know this yet.

However, let’s get back to the topic. Themeforest offers a premium theme for totally free every month. What you need to do to get this is , just Go To This Link & create an account.

Then after creating an account if you visit Themeforest You will see the months free file :

Again, Not only theme, you can get a plugin every month from codecanyon . Simply click Here & grab the file as described above.

Thank You

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